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It is an interesting phenomenon, one that is fairly new and recent in the way it is happening today.

To be able to watch something and comment on the subject live adds a whole knew perceptive in the way we discuss what we are viewing. Television has used the introduction of #’s  and to assess conversation with their viewers in a way that proved almost instant feedback from anytime and anyplace.

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Despite the fact I have in fact been using twitter since 2012 I had never once before engaged with the process of live tweeting. I have seen it occur online and on TV numerous times but I never felt adequate enough to contribute to the conversation.

However that all changed with #BCM325. At first I was terrified. I felt as though I wouldn’t have enough to say and I wasn’t sure I would be able to explain what I was thinking within 140 characters.

The first viewing came and went and I have to say I was impressed. Not only with myself but with my class and how engaging everyone was.

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I quickly learnt not to stress too much about what I was I was tweeting, but to think about it as an online journal where I comment and ask questions about what I am watching.

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When I started to use twitter as a journal to document my thoughts of the movie I was watching it became a lot easier to explain what I was thinking how I felt watching these films.

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Looking back I noticed that I found and highlighted a number of issues during the screening of West-world early on in the semester.

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As the weeks progressed I felt the act of live tweeting encouraged me to engage more with what I was watching. I felt positioned to want to question more things and discuss why characters where saying the tings they where saying and why the cinematography was the way it was and how that pertained to the past, current and how it may pertain to future culture.

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I found that reading tweets from my classmates triggered thought and allowed me to look at the film from many other perspectives.



After I saw this tweet I was prompted to look online and search for any articles addressing this issue. Fortunately, I was able to find something and shared the article on twitter for the rest of my class to see.

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I really enjoyed the way reading my class mates responses to the viewings encouraged me to look at the film and ask new questions that I perhaps would not have if I was not live tweeting.


Here are some of my favorite engagements so far during this semester.

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I found live tweeting to be a useful tool when I felt confused about the viewing my classmates tweets would be very helpful in aiding in my understand of the film we were watching.


Live tweeting has been an interesting way to engage with classmates perspectives of each screening and I have found how easy it has been to continue discussion:

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All in all, I have surprisingly really enjoyed live tweeting and the process of it all. The entire journey has helped me experience a new way of watching film.





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