Feedback and Comments : My Perspective Part 1

This week I was able to view and evaluate my peers first pitches.

The entire process was a very interesting and refreshing learning experience. I had the opportunity look at new pitches and and research new ideas:

First Comment: (For some reason I was not able to post my comment but here is my feedback and response)

Hi Trang!

Wow really interesting concept. I myself am not very familiar with the concept of Holographic however i have come across it from time to time. Our subject BCM325 is a perfect example of how University resources are moving more online with the way we interact. For example, online lectures and live tweeting.

Your D.A pitch has encouraged me to think about the future and where holographic fit in our current learning model in tertiary education.Although currently it may seem a little too far out of our reach with such displays of holographic are concerts and opening performances I wonder what will the next step be.

Here is a link to a video I found  discussing the future of holograms you may want to check out:

I really like the questions you are asking but perhaps you might want to consider discussing the ethics of Holographic s and some issues it might present.

Here is an article I found about holographic s being used during performances of celbrities. Although it may not completely correlate I thought it might be a good place to start.

The Ethics of Holograms: Celebrating a Legacy vs. Exploiting The Dead?

I am really excited to see where you go with this!

Nothando 🙂

Second Comment on:

Hi Naomi!

This sounds really cool and I think you have brought up some very important and relevant points about beef cattle not being sustainable for the future. I was thinking maybe you could look at some recipes that are already well established in social culture that include insects and how people have responded to them?

Perhaps by introducing some recipes you can use your survey to ask your respondents if they would be interesting in trying any of these recipes. That way you can gather a small pool of data on how people view insects as food for the future.

Here is a link to some insect based foods that might impress meat lovers

I look forward to watching your D.A grow!

Nothando 🙂

Third Comment on:

digital artefact – virtual reality gallery.

Hi Brooke!

What an interesting idea! I know I definitely never would have thought of it. I myself have never have much contact with VR but I really like your idea to create a tutorial and there is definitely space for that type of content in the public sphere. Although creating a tutorial sounds great I always find sometimes when I follow a tutorial the steps are not very clear and concise so I thought I would link you a step by step VR tutorial I found. Maybe you could use it to guide you and make sure your tutorial is easily accessible even for beginners to the VR World.

I’m interested to see how you go!

Nothando 🙂


Although these comments where quite late I hope this feedback will also be useful for the future and perhaps I was able to shed a different perspective to help further develop these final digital artefacts.



2 thoughts on “Feedback and Comments : My Perspective Part 1

  1. Trang Bùi says:

    Hi Nothando,
    Thank you for your feedback. It is a shame that I could not read your comment earlier due to technical issues you had. I didn’t think about ethics in using holography at all and your feedback really helps me to consider this aspect in my final DA. I will look through the problems amid ethics an check out your source.
    Best regards,
    Trang Bui.


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